Studio Isar Animation

Our Mission

putting a smile on children's faces

As a logical step to control the complete process from first concept to distribution of a movie, in 2018, Studio Isar Animation (SIA) was established as 100% subsidiary of Studio 100 International.

With this set up, SIA’s sole focus lies on the creation of sophisticated CGI tailored to our main audience: Kids! Hearing children laugh, seeing sparkles in their eyes and watching the excitement about the content we create, is what drives us.

Therefore, we are particularly proud of our world-renowned team of CG artists and supervisors breathing life into our iconic and adorable CG characters and environments.

Besides being the in-house production for The Studio 100 Group feature films and co-productions, SIA is offering modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, FX, compositing and rendering for commissioned work by third parties and is set up for further expansion and growth.

Studio Isar Animation is owned by Studio 100 Group, a vertically integrated entertainment powerhouse based in Europe with 7 family theme parks, major live show productions, and live action and animation studios in Belgium, France, Australia and the USA. Studio 100 Media is the company’s global film and television distribution and a highly regarded licensing and merchandising operation.