Studio Isar Animation

The Team

We are family

Our key ingredient is a team of creatives and technicians with a strong collaborative mindset. This is a big part of who we are and shows in our results!

Laura Langhammer

Head of Studio

Based on her creative background and long experience in leading multi-national CGI production teams, Laura understands and manages the needs and necessities of a creative production in depth:

She is keeping the production team’s back free to focus on the excellence and charm of the show by ensuring strategically aligned and smooth-running operations.

Oleksandra Ivchenko

Studio Producer

Oleksandra always has been fascinated by film and animation.

She started her career in business development for VFX companies but soon discovered her talent and passion for production.

For her, the team always is the main factor for a great success: with respect, trust and a hint of humour there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Sean Heuston

VFX Supervisor, Compositing Supervisor

Being widely recognized as one of the most skilled artists and supervisors and having worked in VFX for over 25 years, it was a refreshing change for Sean to discover children´s animation films. No guns or violence, just happy bright colours, positive messages and fun.

For Studio Isar Animation, he puts his passion and perfectionism into creating films that will enlighten the faces of the children and adults that will watch them. Sean´s extra attention to detail in crafting the renders are our secret ingredient making the final images “sing”.

Frank Dürschinger

VFX Supervisor

Having worked in the VFX industry for nearly 25 years on multiple award-winning blockbuster movies, Frank has developed a keen eye and attention to detail not only for pretty pictures but also for tools and workflows. Overseeing the creative process at the studio as VFX and CG Supervisor, he is now putting his skills to good use by making the “Studio Isar User Experience” as fun and efficient as possible for everyone. He strongly believes that an enjoyable work environment will inevitably lead to better results on the cinema screen.

Dirk Mauche

Asset Supervisor

Creating analog models since childhood days, Dirk “digitalised” his early passion for more than 20 years now by working for VFX companies all around the globe. Being part of Studio Isar Animation´s core team since its foundation, not a single dot is modelled and textured without his supervision.

Oliver Summa

Lighting/Lookdev Supervisor

Oliver uses his long experience in VFX and animation to nurture the talents of our team and the look and lighting of our productions. Achieving great results together while enjoying the work and having fun is as important to him as staying open to explore new styles and constant learning.

Sascha Kremers

Head of Pipeline

Sascha’s work is the backbone and insurance of SIA’s creativity.

Passionate about technology, Sascha thrives on streamlining complex processes and workflows, enabling our artists to work more efficiently and unleash their full creative potential.

His broad experience in VFX, animation, and game productions makes him an out-of-the-box problem solver and enables him to think far ahead for the benefit of all our productions.

Javier Lopez Vega

IT Manager

Javier’s big passions are art, music and technology. It was our luck that he decided to study 3D animation and VFX simulation and became a VFX TD and not a rockstar.

Now, this background, his love for puzzles and tech make him the most creative IT specialist.

He is the puzzle piece nothing will run without.

For him “harder, better, faster, stronger” is not just a song, it is his development plan!

Thorsten Wegener

Producer & Director of Business Operations

Thorsten is the head of the production department of Studio 100 Media, where he is responsible for the development, financing, production, international sales and acquisition of 3rd party movies for the national and international market.

Martin Krieger

Executive Producer

Martin is CEO of Studio 100 Media / International and its subsidiaries Studio 100 Film and Studio Isar Animation. Martin took on this role after years of experience within the media and marketing industry including his excellent track record in leading the global content distribution team of Studio 100 previously where he successfully established its international YouTube business.